Entertaining Mentalism: Experience the Magic of Connections

Your audience will push their beliefs as the  power of perception stretches beyond their imagination. Joe’s unique style will keep your audience laughing as they experience the magic of human connections. His interactive magic of the mind show is sure to keep everyone one their toes! Joe Curcillo, has performed for over 40 years in all types of venues from Vegas casinos to New York corporate offices to cheap motels in Des Moines. Experience the Magic of Connections when Joe combines his former career as a “mind-reading” trial lawyer with his charming sense of humor (Nope, law school didn’t take that away!). TheMindShark is the Mentalist|Attorney and he loves messing with the minds of of everyone he meets. Psychic Entertainment that is this much fun? … well, it just shouldn’t be legal.

Keynote Speaker: Getting to ‘Us’ -The Persuasive Superpower of a Unifying Vision

“I teach you to persuade with a unifying vision that inspires others to move forward toward a common goal.” You will learn the secret to developing a more powerful personal presence and stronger connections with others allowing you to be more persuasive and influential in your life. He brings to his audience a dynamic source of empowerment and improvement. His cornerstone is the mastering of mental clarity of thought and focus with an eye towards enhancing communication and persuasion skills leading to result oriented outcomes.