Tammy Harris Barton has been performing as a professional stage hypnotist at schools, corporate events, fairs, night clubs and private parties since 1993. In every show, Tammy selects willing volunteers from the audience, puts them into a state of hypnosis and guides them though a journey of the mind in which they act on suggestions Tammy provides. During her show you never know who might show up to share her stage. Only the imagination of her volunteers will limit their journey. Tammy always maintains the highest level of respect for her volunteers, and never embarrasses or humiliates any one on stage. She began her career working with her parents—both of whom are certified hypno-therapists. She quickly realized that hypnosis performed correctly could be both entertaining and educational at the same time, and could allow her to obtain any goal she set for herself. At a young age, Tammy benefited greatly from hypnosis. Her self-esteem positive attitude and study skills helped her to win numerous beauty pageants and to graduate from high school and college at the same time (with two business degrees). She is always glad to share this empowering message with her audiences.