Doc Swan’s show begins with a fast and furious juggling act full of comedy and set to music. He then shows off his award-winning fire-eating skills, along with chapaugraphy, an old, old act made new by Doc, where he tells his life story while making 13 different hats out of one piece of felt. Escaping from handcuffs is not as easy as Doc may have thought, and the audience is delighted by his unexpected methods. During audience participation, a volunteer becomes the star of (and usually steals) the show. Demonstrating his powers of ESP, Doc has the audience laughing and scratching their heads. A contemporary version of a Houdini favorite, escaping from a strait jacket is performed as Doc dances his way out in record time. The barefoot walk on broken bottles is presented in Doc’s own unique way … with one audience member riding piggy-back (and the rest howling with laughter)! MUSICAL SAW PLAYING … ORIGAMI … HAND SHADOWS … LARIAT SPINNING … there is no telling what might pop up in Doc’s show! Punctuated with puns, sight-gags and tons of tongue-in-cheek humor, no two shows are exactly alike.