Celeste DeCamps has proven many times to young women that if they want to change their attitudes for the better, they must start with their body language. Celeste shows her audience the importance of looking and feeling confident even when our minds are telling us the opposite. The audience will learn movements that will help them stay in touch with their femininity, grace, strength, and creativity to keep them empowered. Celeste also teaches the art of mirroring, which is a subtle approach to making new acquaintances feel comfortable with you. To help promote her lectures, Celeste offers a complimentary belly dance class. Through the art of belly dancing, Celeste has shown women how to connect to their core being.

Before becoming a motivational speaker, Celeste had a successful career as a belly dancer in South Florida and all over the country. She also co-owned and managed a jazz and blues restaurant for several years, and sold wine and spirits to restaurants and nightclubs in Manhattan. Through all of her different career moves, speaking to women and teaching them has always been the most fulfilling job for Celeste.